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10 Photoshop Techniques for Photographers

Watch the Video here:

Now we wouldn’t go so far as to call any of these 10 features “Hidden” the way Nate does, but they are all useful. And unless you’re already a Photoshop wiz, at least one or two of them should be enlightening.

We won’t go into detail on each and every one, but read through the list below (timestamps included) and then scroll to your technique of choice in the video above to learn something. For our money, Color Lookup Tables and Calculations for Selecting Hair were the ones we knew the least about, but there’s plenty here for beginners and intermediate users alike:

  1. Stacking Face Aware Liquify Filters | 0:53

  2. Color Lookup Tables | 4:30

  3. Move a Selection as you draw it OR Transform a Selection | 8:07

  4. Frequency Separation | 9:03

  5. Calculations for Selecting Hair | 15:06

  6. Selective Sharpening w/ High Pass | 20:46

  7. Color Range on Live Mask | 24:12

  8. Curves | 27:21

  9. Combine Adjustment Layers with Blend Modes | 29:50

  10. Camera RAW filter on anything (Use Dehaze for interesting contrast) | 32:28

To learn more from Nate, visit the Tutvid website or check out some of his other featured tutorials in the PetaPixel archives.

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