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ez Share Wi-Fi SD Card Review

I have been using the ez Share Wi-Fi SD card for about a year now and absolutely loving the experience. Infact more than me it’s my clients who love it. Simply because it lets them review and select the photos while I am shooting live onto iPad Mini Retina. I bought this card from Future Forward for Rs. 2700/- after a good discount from them. It took me barely 5-10mins to set it up with my iPad Mini Retina.


I use my Canon 5D Mark III the the ez Share Wi-Fi SD card tethered to my iPad mini Retina during product shoots. While the RAW files (15mb each) get saved up in my CF Card, the small/medium format files (800kb) get transferred to my ez Share card for quicker uploading for my clients to review the shot. The iPad Mini Retina obviously takes the overall photo reviewing experience to the next level. Even my clients find it amusing that they get to review the photos wirelessly and that too in a fraction of a second. It’s takes away from the tradition of cable tethering to the MacBook or PC which more or less bounds to a place. With the ez Share Wi-Fi SD card attached, you can move around the 25-50 mt range of the studio room while I am shooting moving around the space for angles.



ez Share is specifically designed for patented ez Share Wi-Fi device. Users can view and download images and videos from digital camera with ez Share Wi-Fi device wirelessly using Android device. You also can back-up camera’s images into your Android device automatically or share them to your favorite SNS site(s). No cable, no Internet is needed.Features: 1. Browse and download images and videos from the camera wirelessly. Support batch download, selective download, files download of the entire directory, support the user-defined save path. 2. Push the original images to Android devices automatically. 3. Share images to your favorite SNS site(s) through Wi-Fi network, or EDGE/3G/LTE whenever and wherever. 4. Setting your ez Share Wi-Fi device, includes the Wi-Fi password, Wi-Fi channel, SSID, administrator password and enable auto-push function. 5. Support image formats: jpg and RAW, EXIF metadata display; support video formats: mpg, mp4, mov, avi and etc.

Setting up the ez Share is pretty easy, all you will need to do is open up your iPad/phone settings and connect to the obviously named WiFi network first – the default password is 88888888. ez Share is the only card in the market to include a physical WiFi on/off instead of standard SD card lock button. This also ensures you save up lot of battery while not shooting for commercials.


The ez Share Card is also a great option for uploading Hi-res images while Live Posting from events onto your Twitter/Instagram/Facebook feed. With the Wi-Fi card switched on, the camera can last for as long as 3-4 hours at stretch.


The class 10 cards comes in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB varieties, and accessing images wirelessly can be done via web browser or LZeal’s ez Share mobile app. Get this card if you don’t wish to be stuck cable tethered onto your laptop and shoot moving around freely. It’s also a great tool for bloggers who wish to post hi-res images of the event onto their Social Media Newsfeed.

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