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Ford EcoSport Drive to Rishikesh-Dehradun


First things first, to be honest I am not a regular driver. I have probably driven two cars in my entire life before the Ford EcoSport. First was a Maruti 800 which I drove for barely a minute during my driving class test, and second was my fiance’s Alto 800, again once in several months, nervously moving around, struggling to change the gears and stopping midway to let my fiance do the driving.


When I got a call from Ford to blog/test drive their EcoSport, I simply said yes without knowing how to drive a car (confidently) on the road, let alone test driving one or blogging about it! But then came the day. I got the car delivered to my residence. Luckily. I took my assistant along for the first few days to help me drive around or adjusting any of the buttons, be it for answering the phone call or changing indicators! Somehow I scrapped through around, driving as slow as possible. Then I started driving my fiance and few of my friends around, but didn’t help looking at their nervous faces holding on the side doors. So that’s when I decided the best way to become a confident driver was to DRIVE ALONE! Yes! And I did precisely that. I would go out for meetings and leisure drives around the city all by myself. Figuring out every feature of the amazing EcoSport. Driving through the tight lanes of Delhi, dodging autowallas and worst of them all, finding parking space!

I could now drive alone, confidently, listening to my favourite music, and answering phone calls without being distracted, parking on the reverse and a lot more. Then after a week of driving solo, taking friends along for late night drives and back, it was time to plan for a weekend trip. After several hours of brainstorming, we finally zeroed down on Nainital, considering the fact that it was the easiest mountain terrain to drive on, and also since none of us had a prior experience of driving in the hills. Then on the day of the drive, we impromptu changed it to Rishikesh-Dehradan, since none of us had been there before and we all were keen on river rafting as well. So we started our 5 hours long, 230km drive to Rishikesh via the NH58 crossing Ghaziabad, Meerut and Haridwar.

Finally we reached Rishikesh at 8pm after a good drive of 11 hours. After having dinner, we moved towards Shivpuri to book a river side camp and a session of river rafting. The next day morning, after river rafting, we headed off to Dehradun. It’s one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to with the scenic view of Mussorie on the hindsight. We drove around the city for sometime before heading off to a local tourist destination, Robber’s Cave. A tiny little waterfall, Robber’s Cave had almost dried up, yet there were a sizeable number of visitors enjoying their maggi by the side.


We left the place and headed off to a local market for shopping and some light snacks before planning our return journey to Delhi.


From the scorching heat of Delhi to the beautiful breezy air of Dehradun, it was a nice short little trip with our new friend, the Ford EcoSport.


We left Dehradun around 7pm driving through the truck infested roads and reached Delhi at 3am, all dead exhausted and sleepy, but every moment spent inside the Ford EcoSport was a worthwhile experience.


Thank you Ford for the beautiful experience and for helping me go from a nervous driver to a confident one.



P.S. We did this entire trip in one full tank!

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