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Logitech MX Master for Photographers

The Logitech MX Master 3 has been touted as the best computer mouse for photographers who use Photoshop extensively for their workflow. It combines some of the best technological developments of the company in recent years. This photo editing mouse has a very comfortable and ergonomic body made of quality materials. It has several buttons and commands reassigned through the native Logitech software, ultrafast scrolling, the ability to work on any surface, and the best feature of them all, it supports Type-C charging!

MX Master 3 has several features that are genuinely useful to Photoshop professionals. This mouse features Logitech’s cross-computer usability which enables the user to use this mouse on multiple computers at the same time. It connects via a special unified receiver that transmits the mouse’s signal across to at least 3 different computers compatible with both Windows and Mac. What’s more, the MX Master 3 can also transfer files between these computers without you having to connect a USB storage device and going through the hassle of copying stuff on to it from one computer and transferring it to the next. It can also be used on any kind of flat surface, including glass without losing out on its tracking speed or response time.

A minute-long charge on the USB-C connection can give up to 3 hours of power and a full charge can give up to 70 days usage. The advanced 2.4 GHz Bluetooth wireless technology keeps it connected and wire-free.

My Photoshop Work Flow:

I got to use the mouse for a couple of weeks during the pandemic and used it extensively for all my photoshop work and occasionally while editing my videos on Adobe Premiere Pro. While editing my photos on Photoshop, I had assigned the thumbwheel/horizontal scroll to adjust the brush size while the back and forward buttons were assigned to undo/redo function. The main scroll button was assigned to zoom in/out of an image while the wheel mode shift button was assigned to quickly save the files. Since I do a lot of retouching work, the gesture button was used primarily for the Dodge/Burn tool. You can always use the Logi Options software to re-assign the buttons as per your comfort. It was also easy to copy assets from my Macbook onto my iMac during my editing work. My Productive levels were at it's best during my short time with the mouse. 

At a Glance: 


  • Comfortable ergonomic design

  • Can be used on multiple computers simultaneously

  • Highly customizable


  • Expensive


At Rs. 9999/-, it is a bit expensive, but if you are an Adobe Creative Cloud user, and want the best overall mouse for it, then it's worth the investment. 

The MX 3 is available in two color variants, Graphite and Mid Gray. 

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