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My Tryst with the all new Kylis Bathrooms


Wedding shopping is never an easy deal, especially for us guys. And when you add home shopping to the plight, it can very much make a disaster recipe sometimes. I mean, give me a list of all crazy tech to-shop list, and I am pretty much your one-stop guy but when it comes to the new teak centre table, delicate crockery and some classic home shopping questions (Is-the-curtain-colour-matching-our-cushions?), the otherwise tech expert finds himself at a loss for words.


But thanks to my fiancé, there are some rather wonderful things I’ve come across during this learning experience. Case in example- Hindware’s brand new range of stunning bathroom designs, Kylis. While I’d credit my fiancé for dragging me to their showroom since she wanted to give a makeover to our boring-to-basics bathroom as well (typical guys’ flat story!)

Most of the equipments displayed there have such crisp and clean finish, plus the designs really look contemporary and not just pretty. And while we’re at it, this range also comes with zero-dripping technology and a German anti-splash technology. As if this weren’t enough, there is also the exclusive touch of chrome finish and a cent percent virgin brass body for supreme tensile strength. What really vowed me personally was the minimalistic approach taken in the designs while still displaying the best features of Italian design influence.

The range includes everything from basins to taps to fancy wall mounted closets. I am pretty much done with my much awaited makeover for the bathroom, but any of you who may want to consider the range, I’d suggest go to their showroom, or try exploring first here: Link

Happy Shopping!

Article by Garima Shah

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