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Not just a Test Drive: Jaguar shows off with its recent Performance Tour


To give its potential customers a first-hand experience of its cars, British car manufacturer Jaguar (owned by TATA sons) announced the launch of the Art of Performance Tour in India. This came after their tour in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Flagging off from Hyderabad and then coming to Gurugram (Gurgaon, as we still prefer it!) during 21st – 22nd January at Leisure Valley, and I was invited to be a part of it, to experience the all new F-Pace.

Ever since I took driving classes and became a proud owner of driving license, any buzz around cars has piqued my interest a lot. The luxury that the right kind of vehicle can provide is unmatched to any new watch/phone/accessory, and I am a firm believer in that.

At present, the luxury car market in India is dominated by the German trio of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. However, the popularity of brands like Jaguar is growing and the brand aims to give visitors a feel of the high-quality vehicle performance and the seductive luxury, a rare combination that excites the senses. The tour organised was a series of dynamic events that provided an opportunity to witness what it’s like to get behind the wheels of a Jaguar (under the guidance of expert drive instructors).

The complete Jaguar range of cars available in India, including the XE, XF, XJ, F-TYPE and the recently launched F-PACE the performance SUV, were available for the participants.

There were three different tracks, one was the basic Slalom track, the other was the Extreme control and the last one was speed-only for the new crossover F-Pace.

Of the many things that I got to know about the brand, one thing that particularly stood out was that Jaguar’s line up is made from recycled planes. Jaguar has gone to an all-aluminium line-up in the name of strength and weight savings. But it’s not just new material being used, the structures are made out of aluminium recycled from old aircraft.

I was mainly excited to drive the XE and the F-Pace, and for due reasons. Find out how all cars fared overall for me:

The F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace is the first Jaguar infused with a few drops of its sister company, Land Rover’s DNA. This thing makes the best sound. I was provided with a friendly reminder after I climbed into it and listened to the big cat growl as I drove it on the specially made speed track. It is downright outrageous! Talking about the cabin now, the cockpit is cleanly designed and well thought out. It’s also comfortable, spacious and quiet while in motion. The touchscreen system is intuitive and responsive, and it looks great too. Backseat space is quite generous, comfortable for three riders easily.  The front seats are supportive, well contoured and adjustable in nearly every meaningful direction, something that makes them ideal for a long journey.

Quick acceleration and a smooth-shifting transmission are a part of the F-Pace driving experience. The exhaust snarls loudly every time the accelerator is prodded with force. It simply makes its rivals seem boring in comparison.

If you crave something a little different, try this Jag.

The XE

Beautiful, comfortable, great to drive and has a certain X-factor that the usual German suspects just don’t equal. Every version of this car comes well equipped with touchscreen infotainment system, climate control and parking sensors all included – but Prestige models upwards have a true high class feel, with leather upholstery, heated seats and brushed aluminium in the cabin. With smart looks inside and out, and one of the best multimedia system – the XE is designed for the cutting edge driver.

Behind the wheel, it feels dynamic yet comfortable at the same time – a difficult tick to pull off.

The F-Type

From its seductively long hood to its steeply raked windshield and wide rear haunches, the F-type is made to start in a Hollywood blockbuster. The car definitely makes the head turn. It captures attention with its graceful, compact design. The design makes it an exceptional car. And it’s quick: 4.2 seconds to 100kph quick.

The XF

The second generation XF with enough space, comfort, good dashboard layout and fun to drive is also one of the most efficient, non-hybrid model in its class and its CO2 emissions are also some of the lowest. The XF is spacious and extremely credible rival to the German opposition of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.

The XJ


Despite being more than half a decade old, the current generation JL looks as good as the day it debuted in 2009. The interior has a handmade feel and yet by using all the clever infotainment and rotary gear selection parts, it’s a high tech place to be in. It glides down the road with sophisticated composure. The acceleration is stunning, sprinting from 0 to 100kph in 7.9 seconds, a slid showing for any sedan.

The XJ is exactly what a Jaguar should be. It’s green and comfortable to drive.

All in all, a full-fledged multistarrer from the brand. The whole event was personalised and extremely classy. Every step of the tour was well thought out and the whole event was flawless. It was top notch from start to finish. A kind of event expected out of a Luxury car maker. The whole event makes you feel like a true VIP. An event to showcase the Jaguar brand and what they’re trying to accomplish in India. And I for one, ain’t complaining.

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