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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review


Samsung started off well with it’s flagship S series in 2010 and sold over 24 million units worldwide ever since giving tough competition to HTC and iPhone. However it lost its path somewhere with the S4 and S5, both phones powerfully packed in bland cases. But a brand like Samsung with its intelligent researchers and designers was not going to stay far away in the smartphone race.


This year, Samsung made a loud statement when it launched the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge with its bold and beautiful redesigned metal body with a purpose.

I have been using the Samsung Galaxy S6 for almost a month now and absolutely loving the experience so far. The primary reason why I bought this phone was for its excellent 16-megapixel camera, secondary reason being its beautiful premium metal looks. Equipped with a 5.1″ Quad HD (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED display, the Samsung Galaxy S6 provides an impeccably sharp viewing experience, and its adaptive display provides unbeatable clarity both indoors as well as outdoors.


Samsung has delivered a complete redesign, starting with strong Gorilla Glass 4 on the front and back. The frame of the phone uses aluminum, complete with a bottom that resembles the iPhone 6. The result is a handset that’s as sturdy as it is alluring.

Samsung plays well with the pixel game and stuck with another 16mp sensor from Sony this year. At f/1.9, the camera is capable of performing well in low light and reliably captures colors and details although slight exaggeration of reality. It also has the ability to captures videos in 4K resolution apart from supporting tracking autofocus for moving objects.


The phone offers two quick access options for the camera: either a swipe up on the home screen or a double tap of the home button. The ability to use a hardware button for this feature is excellent, as it means that even pulling the phone from your pocket, you can start to double tap and have it ready by the time it’s pointed at the action.

Another key feature of the Galaxy S6 is its fast charging capability. A 10 minutes charging can you upto 4 hours of usage. And with the wireless charging capability, you can simply pop the Samsung Galaxy S6 onto a Samsung wireless charging pad for a wire-free recharge.


Overall, I am overwhelmed with my new Samsung Galaxy S6 and especially its camera. I did pay a bomb for it but I feel it was worth all the trouble. Here enjoy some of the photographs I have shot with the Galaxy S6 during my travel and shoot.

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