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10 things to gift a photographer (or yourself)

  1. Cameras! Ofcourse any camera would do. However personally I would recommend the Fujifilm XT-3 and the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. They small, light weight and create beautiful photos! Even the Fujifilm instax cameras make a great little gift.

  2. Hard Disk and SD Cards! We photographers save all our hard-work in these piece of gadget! I am a WestGate and Sandisk Fan.

  3. DJI Osmo Mobile 3. It’s a sleek, foldable gimbal for smartphones. A great piece of gadget if you love creating videos and time-lapses. Also it’s quite economical.

  4. Drones! For a change of perspective, drones make for a great camera equipment to carry around while travelling. Personally I own the DJI Mavic Air and highly recommend it.

  5. Smartphones! Who needs those bulky DSLR when you have a good camera phone! I prefer to buy flagship phones of most brands to my camera phone. I am a Samsung fanboy using a Note 9. I would recommend the Samsung S10, Apple iPhone 11 Pro and the Oppo Reno 2.

  6. iPads. So you can enjoy your beautiful pictures on these devices and show it to your next prospective clients.

  7. A Photography Book! So that you can improve your photography skills or that of your photographer friend. Alternatively you can even check out websites like CreativeLive, Phlearn, Profoto and Fstoppers for photography their fashion and photography courses.

  8. Softwares! These things cost a bomb at times but worth every penny when it comes to utilising them in your profession. You can buy/gift Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom CC for as cheap as 676 rupees a month! Also look out for PhotoMechanic 6 if you are into weddings and event photography. Skylum also makes great photo editing softwares like the Luminar 4.

  9. Camera Bags! I have a fetish for bags and I have atleast of dozen of them lying around at home. Personally I love the bags ONA makes although they do come a bit expensive. You can also look for quirky camera straps to gift to your friend.

  10. Tripods! Every photographer has one. I personally have 5 of them lying around at home. One each for videos, travel and heavy duty shoots.

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