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How to do a professional shoot using just a phone!

Okay. Not just a phone. Make that “Using Honor 6x.” And the results are something that surprised even me, yours beloved photographer with borderline crazy love for equipments all kind. Double or nothing is how Honor unveiled its dual camera phone, the 6x with much-awaited additions. It exemplifies itself as a “SWAG” propelled device pitched to young millennials and affordable smartphone buyers. I was waiting to lay my hands on it after my Honor 8 review and believe me it was worth all the while.

Now, coming back to this post, I get a lot of phones to review with tall claims of camera quality and what nots. So with this one, I thought why not put it to real-time test. Armed with this enhanced jewel, I lept from the comforts of my couch and ventured into the streets of Delhi to do a fun, quirky shoot. Dolly Singh, a charmer and my personal favourite when it comes to outdoor fashion shoots, jumped on the bandwagon and we were ready in the name of Honor (6x to be precise, in case you haven’t been paying attention). The images that I clicked from the phone were crisp and the colours merged seamlessly in each frame. My idea behind the shoot was to capture mundane settings of the city life and merging it with the mosaic of colors we so often miss, just because we aren’t paying enough attention.


One of the most discerning features of this phone, as I found during this shoot, are the two primary cameras, one is a 12-megapixel sensor (Sony IMX386) for capturing images and the other 2-megapixel sensor for adding depth to the images. This helps the Honor 6X to click images with a bokeh effect something similar to what you get on the Honor 8. The dual-lens rear camera offers a wide aperture range of f/0.95-f/16 as well, which lets you decide how much focus you want, and whether that shot needs a high-grade blurred background effect.


Each of these frames represent the dynamic quality of movement in the city and how we appear as blurs in the vast scheme of things. Capturing a multitude of colours in a frame has never been this rewarding, the phone camera produces a distinct background defocus which isn’t very common in phones in the required price range. There are multiple filters that I experimented with, namely Pro mode for manual control, painting for long exposure and Beauty for shots with enhanced skin tones. The additional noise reduction feature enhances the overall picture quality. Much to my surprise, the features on this phone are backed by an excellent power controlling system, which with moderate usage would last up to 2 days. (So much for wishful thinking!)

For all those self proclaimed selfies addicts (Definitely, not me) the device also comes with a fingerprint sensor on the back that doubles up as release button for the camera app, there is also a self-adaptive skin-color detection and an auto portrait touch-up software that adroitly sharpens up the images.

As compared to other phones the Honor 6x not only retains the original tints and hues right but also reproduces details much better. In instances of low-light, the camera not only caught better pictures but also did justice to the subtle details that are so often missed. I recommend all fashion surfers, photo enthusiasts and the rest of the world, especially people who like keeping the frame intact with all the details thrown in abundant colours to check out this wonder-piece.

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