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Off-roading with Audi #AudiDrivingExperience

Audi Noida and Audi Delhi West hosted a high power Q-drive off-roading experience for all Audi fans and SUV enthusiasts in Noida & Delhi NCR. The drive was held over 2 days in Delhi NCR and Apurva Saxena and I got a chance to drive the Audi Q7 under trained supervision to understand all the nuances of the advanced technology that Audi SUVs offer.


Commenting on the success of Q-drive and the immense popularity of the Audi Q series, Mr. Shiv Kapoor, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sterling Group said, “Quattro is a paradigm-shifting Audi feature that no competing brand can match. It is uniquely Audi, and it shows in how customers have responded. They have made the Q-series the best in its class in terms of sales numbers and satisfaction scores – leagues ahead of the competition. We hope the Q-Drive gives more people the chance to feel the power of Quattro for themselves, and create a new wave of Audi loyalists as a result.”

A special track was developed for the off-roading experience in Noida.


The Q-drive was aimed to give the customers a hands-on experience at the prowess of the Quattro technology. The principle is simple, quattro® technology distributes propulsive power continuously between all four wheels. This results in appreciably more traction, better acceleration, excellent cornering and directional stability and outstanding handling characteristics.

Speaking on the occasion, Deepak Choudhary, Sr. VP Sales & Operations Audi Noida, added, “The demand for Q series is emerging on a high scale in Delhi/NCR.  The Q Drive is an innovative platform to make our prospect customers more aware about the Quattro technology. The drive combines on road and off-road driving experiences and the customers got to experience the thrill of driving the Q-series.”

The Q-series has proved to be one of the most loved and leading brands amongst the young guns who associate themselves with the youthful, sporty and progressive image and the power of Q Series.


About AUDI Delhi West and Audi Noida 

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