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RhinoShield CaseGuard for the Samsung Galaxy S8+

I wanted something to show off my beautiful Samsung Galaxy S8+ however most of the cases I came across were either bulky, boxy or ugly. After spending more than a month researching for the best case for my Samsung Galaxy S8+, I finally came across RhinoShield and their CrashGuard. Coined as the World’s Strongest Bumper Case, the RhinoShield CrashGuard packs a surprising amount of protection into what is probably the most low-profile bumper case I could find on the internet.


The Protruding lip makes a gap as much as 2 credit cards

The exposed back of this case might bare the back of your phone, however the raised lip will protect the phone’s screen as well as the back. The CrashGuard surrounds the four corners of your Galaxy S8+ with a soft inner padding and a durable outer armor. It’s minimalistic, light and unique.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.15.07 PM.png

The case is constructed from a reformulated polymer blend that absorbs up to 90 per cent of impact energy, and features a hexagonal structure that adds an extra 15 per cent shock dispersion.

The case can effectively disperse impact, and significantly reduce the chances of shattered screen. The matte finish of the case enhancing your grip on your device. It only weighs just 12 grams and is 2.5 cm in thickness. The design also ensures easy access of the buttons and the charging/headphone ports without sacrificing the overall look of the phone. It can bear the fall upto 11.5 ft in height unlike most other cases.

Watch this videos of the drop test.

You can purchase the CrashGuard on RhinoShield’s website for $24.99 with an additional $4 for shipping to India (I received mine within 7 days of placing an order). The case is available in Black, Grey, and Dark Blue. Go for this case if you want total protection for your expensive Galaxy S8/S8+ without compromising on it’s beauty.

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