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UE Wonderboom: The super cute waterproof wireless speaker

Ultimate Ears has a history of manufacturing cute looking bluetooth speakers that can get pretty loud as well. Their latest offering, the UE Wonderboom is an addition to the ever growing UE portable speaker family which also includes the UE Roll, the UE Boom 2 and the UE Megaboom.


The UE wonder has a rubberized top and bottom covered with cloth grill, and a large volume buttons popping out the fabric. At the top of the device you’ll find the UE logo, the Bluetooth pairing button, a rugged fabric hook for easy carrying or hooking onto the wall. The UE logo doubles as a button and lets you play, pause, skip and also pair with two wonderboom speakers for double the fun.


It’s half as tall as the UE Boom 2 and almost twice as fat as its sibling. At INR 5000 less, it’s nearly as loud and sounds almost as good.


At the back of the device is a rubber flap housing the MicroUSB charging point. There’s no Aux-in port, so your only option for connecting to the device is Bluetooth. Another feature missing on the Wonderboom is the microphone, so you can’t take phone calls.


The Wonderboom does miss out on some of the features, however it makes up for it by offering a solid battery life with an estimated 10 hours of playback, a rugged waterproof/drop-resistant body and an exceptional Bluetooth range of 100ft.

I carry it along with me on shoots and everyone loves having him around. The treble range is adequate for blasting tunes during a house party or studio shoot. Overall, it’s a great buy for a speaker its size and price.

The UE Wonderboom is available for purchase on Amazon for INR 7,995/- coming in six different color combinations with a two-year limited hardware warranty.

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